Even while you’re sleeping, your brand is out in the world, speaking volumes. Are you comfortable with the impression it’s making? Do you even truly know how clients and prospects perceive your company?

Everything we do at the Karlyn Group feeds into your corporate branding strategy—because this is the foundation of your business. Sales hinge on every interaction a client has with your website, employees, products, and marketing materials—so you better get this right. (No pressure or anything.)

Here are just a few of the ways we can help reinvent or refine your brand:

  • defining a target audience—and helping you engage with it
  • positioning your brand to the world
  • drafting sales and marketing plans
  • creating mission and vision statements
  • crafting your web presence and digital assets
  • writing and deploying custom content
  • planning product launches
  • producing collateral (e.g. brochures and sell sheets)
  • designing your company logo and brand guidelines
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Content is everywhere. Literally. So how on earth are you supposed to separate yourself from the pack—and build trust with clients and prospects? A competitive edge requires more than a cool logo and neat brochures; you need to educate your audience and showcase your expertise (while being relevant!).

This is where high-quality custom content comes in—which you can leverage for overall audience engagement as well as in your content-marketing efforts.

After we understand your goals and your target, we can create, curate, and deploy an array of content on your behalf—not only devising and implementing the strategy but also tracking and measuring its effectiveness.

We can compose, produce, and manage any of the following, including related research/interviews:

  • journalistic articles
  • advertorials
  • white papers
  • industry surveys and reports
  • videos and multimedia
  • blog posts

Custom content is not to be underestimated—it can get your sales team in the door; provide a useful event takeaway; help you build an online community; drive clients to your site; or form the basis of a live event or presentation. Think of custom content as Superman.



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You’ve been social since day one—and you’re fluent in media. Yet social media may still feel like uncharted territory. The good news is that, used effectively, it can bolster your brand and generate valuable leads. The key word is “effectively.”

The Karlyn Group can build and manage your social media campaign from A to Z. We’ll do a competitive and environmental scan to determine what platforms and tactics make sense for your business (and why). From there, we’ll design and implement the strategy, monitor activity, and measure the results. We can build or enhance your presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.—or through a blog on your own Website.

Social media


(MarketingProfs/Content Marketing Institute, 2013)



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A functional, user-friendly website is a necessity of modern business. When was the last time you gave yours a close look to make sure it’s serving you well? Do you have an ongoing strategy to ensure potential clients find you?

After a thorough assessment, we’ll advise you on the site structure that will get you noticed by search engines and your target audience. With online searches as the number one traffic driver for content-based sites, the value of appearing high in organic search results is huge.

We’ll help you turn your website into one of your greatest assets—one that works for you 24/7. With the right engagement strategy, continually fresh content, and perhaps a video or online demo, your website can jump-start the sales process for your team. In turn, you will feel almost as visionary as George Jetson.

P.S. We also have expertise across programming languages and can help you build a site from scratch.


of online experiences begin
with a search engine.


of people conducting an online search
never scroll to the second page of results.

Source: Incubate.com, 2013



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Business 101 teaches us that it’s a good idea for a company to make money if it wishes to be viable. It sounds simple, but it’s an art as much as a science. Do your sales strategies ensure that you are retaining business while gaining new clients?

Fortunately, our team has 20 + years of sales management experience, and we’re here to help. We can oversee your department—or be your department. Like many smaller companies, you may not have the staff to create and implement a company-wide sales plan—but the Karlyn Group can manage this from soup to nuts. We can set the strategy, hire and train the staff, as well as monitor and sell on a day-to-day basis.

On a smaller scale, we can create a marketing plan to uncover new leads for you via SEO, telesales calls, unique landing pages, and more. By utilizing all relevant sales channels, you’ll avoid leaving money on the table. (Oh, and if you work with us, we promise not to use the term “low-hanging fruit” —it annoys us, too.)



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Marketers continue to rate in-person events as the most effective tactic they use.* Even in our fast-paced, high-tech world, there is still something to be said for showing up. And, when used in conjunction with a high-impact online campaign, a good old-fashioned live event can reap great rewards for your business.

Accelerate your marketing efforts by getting in front of multiple key prospects at once. Whether you’re hosting a product launch, in-person training, awards ceremony or conference, the Karlyn Group can produce your event—and reach your target audience.

We can define your audience, create the overall theme, book the space, negotiate contracts, create the collateral, manage the attendee marketing campaign, telemarket, sell sponsorships, and handle post-event marketing and follow up. Did we forget anything? – If you’d like us to stuff gift bags, we’re good at that, too. We will also provide you with an overall post-event analysis.

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