time“What time is it?” is one of the most popular questions that has a variety of answers. Time to go to work, to lunch, the gym, a meeting, catch the train, meet a deadline – the options are endless as to what you have to do next and when. Building your company’s social media presence online is just another area of your life where TIME definitely matters!

Numerous companies have spent hours researching the social media engagement of millions of active user accounts over a variety of on-line platforms. The data and metrics collected can be mind boggling & a little confusing if you’re new to the game. All networks are different and while you want to get your content to every corner of the globe, there are different ways and times you should do it. Don’t try to be everywhere – follow some basic guidelines and then research what works best for your business!

We have compiled a brief list of the most popular sites & when they get the most engagement from their users.  Remember to keep your content relevant, your topics focused to your audience, and don’t be afraid to show a little personality. People LIKE when they can relate to a topic but more-so when it sounds like it is coming from a trusted reliable source!

TWITTER: Over 300 million active monthly users

  • Posts with a picture get more engagement (1-3 #hastags)
  • Lunch time between 11am – 1pm during the typical work week (Monday-Friday)
  • Wednesdays have the highest engagement
  • Weekends are the lowest engagement (people are enjoying their time off work)

INSTAGRAM: Over 500 million active users daily

  • 11-15 hashtags get the best visibility (you can have up to 30)
  • Lunch time between 11am-1pm & 7pm-9pm after work (Monday, Wednesday Thursday)
  • Wednesdays have the highest engagement
  • Weekends are lowest engagement (Saturday afternoon engagement for fun activities)

FACEBOOK: Over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide

  • #hashtags on FB are used but not as popular since a lot of accounts are private
  • Post during work hours 1p-4pm (people are bored at work & it’s probably open on their desktop computer)
  • Sundays have the highest engagement (checking out what everyone else is up to)
  • Tuesdays have the lowest engagement

LINKEDIN: Over 250 million monthly active users

  • #hashtags aren’t as effective as on other platforms but using 5-6 is acceptable
  • 10am – noon (Tuesday – Thursday)
  • Wednesdays have highest engagement
  • Worst times to post are after work hours and weekends

PINTEREST: Over 250 million monthly active users

  • 4 #hashtags when posting – no more than 20
  • 8pm-11pm during the week
  • Post all day Saturday & Sunday (people love hobby related stuff on the weekends)
  • Worst times to post are during work hours during the week

YOUTUBE: Over 150 million monthly active users

  • #hashtags are gaining popularity on YOUTUBE so don’t use too many
  • 12pm-4pm during the week so video will be indexed when people want to watch at night
  • Post Saturday & Sunday morning
  • Highest engagement is on the weekends

Depending on the day of the week and time of day, higher engagement times differ for each platform. Experiment to see what works best for your audience, keep in mind the time zone where the majority of your customers are located, and even sneak a peak at your competitors sites to see what times are working for them.

Still not certain what time it is? Let The Karlyn Group–a full service marketing & sales firm assess your business needs. Whether you need guidance with social media, marketing & branding or website design & development, we will customize a plan to bring your business to the next level! Check out some of our work and contact us to set up a free consultation.


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