Back to Business: The Right Marketing for Re-opening Your Business

If you missed our SCORE presentation last week, don’t worry, we have the archive below from Amy’s presentation.

As businesses re-open in the area, owners are being cautious when it comes to spending. Re-opening without a thought-out (marketing) plan isn’t an option.

The best course of action to take during these uncertain times is to be smarter about your marketing strategy and budget.

Investing in the right marketing strategy as your business begins to re-open is crucial. In this session, we’ll talk about what you should be focusing on in order to effectively reach your audience:

  • Understanding pandemic-related marketing shifts
  • Building your marketing strategy
  • Assessing your analytics
  • Where to spend your time and money
  • Updating the tone of your marketing efforts
  • Managing leads
  • Making the most of your CRM
  • and more…

Back to Business_ The Right Marketing For Your Re-Opening from Amy Zucchi-Justice on Vimeo.

In 2012, Amy founded the Karlyn Group, a full-service marketing company that helps small and medium size companies set up
and maintain marketing strategies to grow their business. The Karlyn Group supports many clients across the U.S. The Port Authority of NY/NJ, MTA, ENR Magazine, The Economist, and Haymarket Media to name a few. Upon moving to the Hudson Valley, The Karlyn Group has focused heavily on getting involved in the local community. Local clients include law firms, personal chefs, a Buddhist Temple, health trainers and other professional service companies.

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